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Why WHICH magazine doesn’t review e-bikes

A friend of mine who has asubscription to the Which magazine did a search for their reviews of electric bikes. It is interesting that they don’t test them or do reviews. thereason they give is that there are so many and that the range is changing so quickly.

I wonder whether as e=bikes become more normal on the roads the market will become more stable in that certain models and manufacturers become firm favourites as measured by expert reviews, sales figures and customer satisfaction feedback.

It is certainly difficult at the moment to find independent evidence of these three factors, but I expect it will come. If the market does grow and e-bikes become more popular, doubtless the sale of cheap and poor quality products will rise to mask the steadier growth of good bikes. On the other hand, I think even after only a week of research I am beginning to get a feel for which bikes are rated as good, and which are perhaps backed by dubious claims from some   manufacturers/importers and retailers.

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