Spencer Ivy

Spencer electric bike

This is a classically designed commuter. Most bikes in this price range are driven by motors in front or rear wheel hub but the men’s (Spencer) and women’s (Ivy) are driven by Panasonic motors through the crank shaft directly which is considered the best mode of transmission as it is directly controlled by the bike’s gears.


The Spencer Ivy website is a joy in itself, beautifully designed and thorough. There are two good reviews, one at road.cc and another at Electric Bike Magazine

This looks like a quality bike, certainly fashioned for an older rider! Of course, as a commuter machine it.s missing the tyres, suspension etc that an adventurous soul may yearn for. And it’s on the expensive side at £1,800+ but certainly staying on my list. Battery options include a 17Ah version which would certainly increase range and hill climbing power.

One thing that comes out of the reviews is that there is some learning to adjust to an electric bike when riding, especially regarding which gear to be in.







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