You can also get a matching Duchess! Kudos cycles seem to have gemerally good reception by users. They have a range of bikes including folders, worth looking atfor casual urban riding. The price at £695 makes these seem very good value as they were selling for £900 when they came out

From a bikeradar review:

The Good

Good load-carrying bikes are rare enough, electric ones even rarer, so the Duke and its women’s-specific equivalent, the Duchess, leaped out at us on the Kudos website. These big, heavy traditional bikes might not break any speed or hill-climbing records but if you want to move large amounts of shopping around in comfortable olde worlde style they’re certainly worth a look.

The Duke especially, with its massive frame, gives a unique experience – extremely high up and safe-feeling in traffic. You’ll be able to see well ahead (as well as over people’s garden hedges) but it’ll only suit taller riders. Lights wired into the main bike battery are a welcome practical feature too; something that should come as standard on the majority of electric bikes.

Kudos are one of the few e-bike brands we could find that have plumped decisively for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. This seems a brave move when they weigh more than the more common lithium manganese oxide type. Their main advantage is that they’re cheaper to replace, and proponents claim they have a longer lifespan, too.

The Bad

The supplied panniers have a pretty small capacity and don’t make use of the bike’s major strongpoint – its potential to carry large loads. It’s difficult to fit your own bigger bags too, as the oversize rack tubing is designed to hold the hefty battery rather than take standard panniers. However, we did manage it with some wickerwork we happened to have lying around and heavy-duty cable ties.

A throttle would be a handy addition for smoother, more controlled starts uphill and with a full load (as they’re pedelecs, the Duke and Duchess only provide power assistance when you start pedalling), and a beefier stand and brakes would be welcome, too. A competent bike DIYer should be able to fix these problems though.


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