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Cycling Made Easy

No apologies for putting up promo material for a company, here a video introduced by Cycling made Easy founder Ray Wookey. As this site develops, I am sure that many companies’ promotional stuff will be featured: after all, I am using the blog to collate for personal use as much information as I can. In olden days if, say, I was looking for a car or a bike I’d be sending off for catalogues etc. It’s a secondary purpose of this blog to bring information to others, although I’d be delighted to think it helps someone by bringing a lot of stuff together and saving them time.

There is another reason for posting this video. Electric bikes are a relatively new feature of UK transport in a raapidly developing market. One thing I have noticed is that many of the companies I have looked at are founded and staffed by genuine enthusiasts who offer a great personal service.A company like Giant whose bikes I admire and whose ebikes I am considering in my purchase goal seem almost arrogant in their publicity, providing minimal information of their own products and a sleek but cold interface with potential customers; of course, I have no doubt that the actual dealerships are excellent, and because Giant are so big one can have trust in their reputation, but for a novice layperson like myself, you cannot beat the effort that smaller retailers and companies have put in to make themselves friendly and approachable at a distance (i.e. on the internet).

Any way, as a bonus, Cycling Made Easy featured here introduces me to other manufacturers such as Eco bikes which I will feature shortly. Their site, by the way,  is eclectic and non-partisan and gives overviews of a very wide range of ebikes,

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