Claud Butler Glide 2

This is a unisex bike, without a crossbar so great for those with problems in their joints. It is well reviewed, and two points are particularly important – its extended charge life battery, and its maximum carrying weight of 19 stones. I found a good description at a retailer, Graham Goode, where it sells for £1125. It is on special offer for £999 along with the Glide 2 Sport at Off the Rock Bikes (see local dealers).

Glide 2 electric bike comes with its own battery charger. LiFePo4 rechargeable electric bike batteries are technically more advanced than the tradational heavy sealed lead acid SLA and Li-ion batteries. A LiFePo4 battery lasts longer, accepts a charge easier, is lighter, more powerful, works down to -10 degrees C and has lowest lifetime battery costs.

Glide2 has a 36 Volt 10 amp LifePo4 extended life battery integrated into the carrier system mounted above the rear mudguard, away from dirt, salt and water, giving more protection from the weather than most electric bike designs.

Modular electrical system for convenient and lower service costs.

High power,effcient 250 Watt alloy front hub electric powered bike motor.Front motor is easier for maintenance as gear system is on rear wheel.

UK maximum speed under electric assistance 15.5mph (25km/h) for electric pedal bikes. UK electric bike legal rider age minimum 14 years plus.

Low step over unisex design, light and strong aluminium 17″ frame, electric bike suitable for Ladies and Gents.Claud Butler Glide 2 electric bike weighs only 28.5 kg.

Fully equipped hybrid style comfort bike, with front and rear mudguards, rear carrier rack, wide super comfort sprung seat with suspension seat post, adjustable angle high riser handlebar stem. Front suspension fork for a smoother ride.

Integrated puncture protection zone fast rolling 700″ tyres with strong wall wheel rims and 13g steel spokes.

Shimano 6 speed twist gear system easy to change, ideal for hills and inclines.

Not to be compared to Far East cheap electric bikes with poor quality components, disappearing importers and no spares back up.

Claud Butler Glide 2 Electric Bike Warrenty : Frame & Suspension Forks 2 years, Electrical Components 1 Year, Tyres,tubes and other accesory items 1 years excludes wear and tear.

Maximum rider weight including load 125KG (19 Stone 9 lbs


8 thoughts on “Claud Butler Glide 2

  1. Novlangue says:

    So how long does it go on 1 charge?

  2. 2 electric bike comes with its own battery charger. LiFePo4 rechargeable electric bike batteries are technically more advanced than the tradational heavy …

  3. David McQueen says:

    How can I can a replacement battery? Mine has come to the end of its life.

  4. Miss SA Hampton says:

    I really want one of these bikes (Glide2)
    Is it possible to have one in pure white including wheels and saddle

  5. Sheila says:

    Is it possible to have a test drive and is there anywhere local to Warrington Cheshire where I could purchase one,?

  6. Peter Langbridge says:

    My carefully looked after battery has failed after 3 1/2years, my wife’s same year is ok. For a valid butler I expected better. Don’t know where to get another.

  7. harden31blog says:

    My wife and I have had Glide 2 bikes for 4 years, in regular use. We are both over 65 and live in a hilly area of Yorkshire. Brilliant bikes.
    I am wanting to fit rear lights powered from the battery but cannot identify the correct leads, can anyone help please. Contact me

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