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Bike Spotting

It’s been months since I’ve seen an electric bike in Liverpool. Now two sightings in two days. The first, a battered old lead battery cycle tethered at Tesco, with a huge box on the back. Then today, I exchanged a sympathetic grimace with a bloke struggling into a headwind with a kid trailer in two, then woosh! A sleek silver machine shot past at I guess more than 15 mph. Only the battery on the back gave the game away. Maybe a Giant but certainly a very good looking hybrid oozing class. Not a Woosh though.


Cycling Made Easy

A friendly guide from a retailer, with satisfied customer reviews. Cycling mMade Easy sell a good range of bikes with full warranties. Many of the bikes are discussed or will be on this site, including FreeGo, Tonaro  and Kudos. As the firm seem so solid and reliable I shall definitely be looking at their whole range.

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An Absolutely Superb Guide

An absolutely superb site from Roni who has a degree in electrical engineering and is now doing a PhD in quantum physics! This site touches on almost everything. It is still partly under  construction but definitely one to bookmark. The site’s title says it all: The Electric Bike Guide

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Tonaro Eagle – positive review

Came across a review by a heavy, tall guy named Phil on the brilliant pedelecs forum . He speaks very highly of the bike,  and considering I had never heard of Tonaro and the company Powerpedals until last night, I am mightily impressed. The review also praises the business ethic and support from Powerpedals and recommended dealers.

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