Infineum Extreme

There is a very interesting discussion at the excellent pedelecs forum about why the Infinium Extreme (and Infineum generally) don’t seem to get much in the way of discussion or reviews. Apart from the concept being relatively new, apparently there was adelay in the launch of the bikes, some problems with early models and Infineum did not go out of its way to point out that it is a PowaCycle brand. Anyway, I’ve been hoping to find more reviews before putting up information about this bike, but at present i will just say I like the look of it. Its nique stacking battery system is clever, and the whole bike with battery comes in at about 20Kg which makes it lighter for riding unassisted. The battery delivers only a modest wattage so range is low, and an extra battery will cost £325. Why not buy two or three! There is a review of the Infineum Continental which has a similar drive and performance  in Electric Bike Magazine. I should point out that I have come across some mixed owner reviews. It’s difficult until I look more into it to know whether there were teething problems with an early batch of the bike. Unfortunately much information about bikes on the internet is confusing because, among many other reasons, dates of models, and updates are not routinely given. I thinkmore time is needed until the verdict is in. The bike sells for about £1200, but at electricbikescootercar it’s £900.


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