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Almost there!

Well, I’m still in work so have the cash. I have narrowed it down to two bikes locally – a Giant Escape Hybrid 2, or a Batribike Granite XL. Having said that, to complicate things my income may increase with extra self-employed hours so I have still the possibility of going for what I have described on this site as my dream bike, a Kalkhoff Agattu. One thing that worries me about the latter is how I would get support and maintenance.

For some reason below reason, I can’t get Juicy bikes out of my mind…..

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Growing Shortlist

I’ve divided my ‘shortlist’ into two: bikes over and under £1000. The list is growing, by no means complete. I am very grateful for feedback from dealers and companies. I keep coming across new bikes for consideration such as the mysterious Momentum brand: only two sleek, very simple, light models and not even sure if they are available yet so will be contacting the company.

Implicitly, I am keeping a third ‘shortlist’ which is those bikes which are available to me at dealers near to Liverpool. I have included here Juicy and anything sold by the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative (including Wisper) in Manchester: both of these are easily reached by short train journeys.

I’d emphaasise aadvice which I have seen many times – that there is no ‘perfect’ bike but one which best satisfies and individeal’s requirements (backed by general standards of quality, reputation and customer care).

Eventually, I hope to make a table which shows comparison of many key features between bikes.


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