Giant Twist Express W

Giant’s cheapest commuter. Less than £1000. Shown here a woman’s or unisex 2013 version. 2012 and earlier Express available with crossbar.

Giant Twist Express W

From Giant’s website:

Giant Twist Express W pedal assisted bike features on the website for pedal powered people – with testers awarding Giant’s Hybrid Cycling Technology equipped commuter bike 4 stars.

“It’s a great bike for the money and one you should consider if you like the idea of cycling to work but you’re not quite ready to commit to the effort of doing it all under your own steam.”

With a huge choice of ‘electric bikes’ now available it is more difficult than ever to choose the right one for your needs – but Giant have invested heavily in their Hybrid Cycling Technology and a reputation for high quality bikes sets Giant apart from many competing options. Giant own the production facilities that produce it’s bikes so it can control the process from start to finish and Giant’s innovative technical features ensure that power is delivered when it is most needed to give you greater range.

“From the ground up this feels like a quality bike. The AluXX frame and form are tidily welded and nicely finished, and the frame design (this is the step-through version, a men’s diamond frame is also available) is clean and hides the electric equipment well.”

If you are thinking of taking up cycling to work then a pedal assisted bike could be the perfect option, working seamlessly with your own ability to help flatten hills and ensure you arrive at work fresh for the day ahead – it’s a great way to get started.

“the new benchmark for cycle-to-work-friendly e-bikes”

Read the full Giant Twist Express W review on


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