At Last!

velo cite2012Well, I took the plunge and went for a Raleigh Velo Cite 2012 model from The Bike Factory, my local dealer in Chester.

I’ll keep the site going at least long enough to write reviews on its performance. Thinking too of producing a video tour of it.

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2 thoughts on “At Last!

  1. Phylly Alexander says:

    Hello there – I’m delighted to find your electric bike blog! I’m also about to take delivery of a 2012 Velo Cite which I’m getting on the Cyclescheme. It also took me a long time to decide what to go for. I needed it to be £1000 or under, but they’d given me a Giant Esprit Power on loan, with the torque sensor etc so I thought all electric bikes were that that. I tried one with a throttle first, the Freego Hawk, and hated it – it made me feel like an old lady! With my Giant I could really cane it going to work and knock 15 mins off my cycle – I could put a bit of effort in and it felt like ‘proper’ cycling. The Raleigh was the only torque sensor pedelec I could find in my budget. I was going to go for the Velo Trail for ages until I tried the Velo Cite almost by accident (it was to see if the battery rattled like the Trail one did!). It felt so amazing and right that the Trail was off the menu, despite this one being £100 more. Mind you it still only cost me £900. Shall we compare notes on the ride experience?

    • Ishmael says:

      Hi Phylly Alexander,

      Thanks for your comment. It’d be great to compare notes but I am severely embarrassed by having done my back in carrying the bike up stairs to my flat! In future will slide battery out first then machine will weigh not more than my Giant Expression which was a doddle to carry even with two panniers full of shopping.

      Chance is a fine thing. After spending so much time pondering this and that, my final sweep was made on the basis of what was available locally and the Cite jumped out at me. I think the ride experience is so good and the quality of the bike is excellent so wouldn’t be surprised if the 2013 model with its lighter, slightly more powerful battery becomes a best seller.

      Here’s to Deep Heat!

      Best wishes, Adrian (Abailart)

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