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Thoughts so far

Batribike Granite, available as an XL model for taller riders

I have looked at many bikes via the internet now. Giant are probably the best for reliability, build of bike, reputation and good dealership back-up in my locality. They are on the expensive side, and not that it should matter, dare I say a little bit boring to ride going by user replies. All this means is that you don’t get feeling of power some other bikes advertise. Rationally, this is a very good thing: they do the job they are designed to do without fuss or showy design.

Some other bikes that do well in reviews and tests such as Freego, Juicy, Oxygen may not have the strength for taller and heavier riders. Without visiting a dealer to see if a bike fits, it is very risky to order one through the internet. Plus of course, a local dealer is there for servicing and back-up. On the latter point, Giant and Batribike seem the best bets for a Liverpudlian. The latter is much cheaper than the Giant but seems well thought of – and it carries a big load easily, and has a good mileage range.

See details of the bikes I have looked at under the main BIKES page.

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The List So Far

Some of the bike manufacturers I am looking at are :









Spencer Ivy



I , and more and more models from each maker keep coming across other makes,  and more and more models come onto the market. very confusing. It would be great to hear direct, transparent reviews of ANY machine. I don’t understand why manufacturers themselves (Giant is especially guilty) and retailers often don’t give essential information e;g regarding batteries, maximum rider weights/heights. There seems a lot of hype in some publicity material. I suspect that many bikes are ‘flash’ designs but of poor quality (though here, Giant is certainly not guilty). There are some manufacturers I have rejected but there will be some missing from the list that I haven’t come across yet.

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