14 November 20012

I must emphasise my own total lack of knowledge and experience of any bike I have looked at, save for what I have read. Secondly, there seems to me to be many electric bikes available which are good value for money, and all the pages of this blog apply mainly to the narrowing down of my own choices. Different people will find different bikes to suit their individual requirements. One particular limiting factor is that I am tending towards bikes available from reputable dealers within reasonable distance from Liverpool.

I have not yet totally excluded folding bikes from my search. I travel long distance by train frequently, and have very limited storage space so on the face of it I should consider these. There are other bikes such as cargo bikes and trikes which may suit others.

By far the best place to visit for independent reviews is the pedelecs forum

Here you will find not only user reviews, but a wealth of other content, and a constant willingness to answer questions from members of a vibrant on-line community.

I would love to hear from users and dealers prepared to share their own reviews and experiences.


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