Tonaro at Powerpedals

Tonaro Eagle

The Powerpedals company seems interesting. From their website :

We are a family run company with a honest and ethical approach. Our philosophy is simple, every customer is important to us and we will treat them as we would wish to be treated ourselves. No one will be lost in big company bureaucracy, every enquiry will be dealt with personally. In the unlikely event you experience any problem, you can be assured it will be dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner.

We have launched Powerpedals as a result of the frustration and confusion we suffered as a result of our attempt to purchase electric bicycles for our own use. With so many machines available with different drive systems, different batteries, different specifications, and vastly different prices, how can you decide which offers the best value for money.

After much research we were able to identfy the criteria important to us ;

Must comply with UK legal requirements.

Living in Devon it must have sufficient power to cope with a few hills.

It must have the latest lithium battery technology.

It must have over 300 watt hours to ensure a reasonable range.

It must look the part of a technical inovation, rather than an old bike with some modern technology strapped to it.

It must have a minimum 12 months guarantee.

It must cost less than £1000. (March 2010)

Based on these specifications the search became much more difficult, as there are very few electric bicycles on the market that actually meet our requirements, and none that we could find, that were available in the UK. So we have launched Powerpedals to bring to you the remarkable Tonaro range of electric bicycles.

For a bike at les than £1200, at first sight the company and the bikes tick all my boxes. What makes the Torano stand out is thatit is crank shaft driven, the motor power thereby mediated directly by the bike’s gears, and also providing greater torque as explained in Powerpedal’s diagrams:

The Eagle bike shown above seems a candidate for my list of potential purchases. Visit the site to check out the specifications. I will be searching for reviews on this model. However, The sporty, Italian designed Bighit shown below has already received favourable reviews.


3 thoughts on “Tonaro at Powerpedals

  1. Neil Scott says:

    Phil, a few years ago 3/4 i purchased a Tonaro bighit in bright yellow from you which you sent to Sapin for me sadly due to very ill health I have hardly used it, I have kept the battery topped up and used it on a stand to drain them down a bit and they seem ok, I have had both knees replaced and hope this summer to start using the bike again, In case I need a new battery pack can you give an idea of cost please so i can budget, also while on the subject I am looking for a kit for my wifes beachcruiser do you have kits? Cheers and thanks from sunny spain.

  2. Chris mccleod says:

    Hi there
    I came across the tonaro bighit recently
    The reviews were surprisingly good.
    So I’ll ask a pro, what is your opinion?
    I’m 53 lived on a bike still have my Marin alpine of 15 yes, love it, but I’m finding the tide outs are a little more difficult, I looked at the voodoo Bantu, but tbh it’s s beautiful bike but the price is a car😂 this bighit seems great. Anyway what are thoughts please, and thank you in advance for your time.
    Kind regards


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