Raleigh Velo Cite – the one for me?

raleigh velo citeAnyone who has followed my posts will be aware of more than a whiff of prevarication in my personal choice. In the last week I had ‘definitely’ narrowed it down to a choice between two bikes. Now I am ‘certain’ to go for a third, this Raleigh Velo Cite which I hadn’t come across until this week. Down the road in Chester at the Bike Factory, it costs £1200. I like the hub gears, seven speed. I like the weight. I like the look of it. I like the 36volt 11.6 Ah battery. Not least I like the fact that I can go and sit on one, and have the security of the dealer’s being close to hand.

Of course, in a few days I will probably have changed my mind. That Woosh Sirocco crank drive added to my ‘shortlist’ looks enticing. Short list? Look out for the short short list…. Or to hear I am breaking in a new Raleigh. It has a maximum rider load of 120 Kg which is great for heavier riders. The bike also has a two years warranty which includes the battery:

Motor: 250W Raleigh Pedelec
Battery: 10Ah 36V Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Gears: 7-speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
Shifter: Shimano Twist Shifter
Brakes: V-brakes – Front and Rear
Lights: –
Wheels: 28″ / 700C
Tyres: Puncture Resistant
Forks: Suntour CRV-8 Suspension Forks
Mudgaurds: Full front and rear
Rear Rack: Yes
Pedals: Aluminium
Saddle: Comfort
Seatpost: Alloy
Handlebar: Fully Adjustable Ergonomic
Stand: Side Stand
Lock: –
Cycle Computer: Yes
Modes: High, Medium, Low
Range: 20 – 40miles depending on mode, terrain and rider input
Weight: Only 22kg (49lbs) Including Battery
Size: 50cm (20″)
Max. Rider Weight: 120kg (265lbs / 18s12)
Warranty: Two Years [Bike and Battery]

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