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At Last!

velo cite2012Well, I took the plunge and went for a Raleigh Velo Cite 2012 model from The Bike Factory, my local dealer in Chester.

I’ll keep the site going at least long enough to write reviews on its performance. Thinking too of producing a video tour of it.

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Trek Valencia E+ £999


Extremely highly rated. See reviews everywhere by googling. This direct drive bike is going for a really excellent bargain price of £999 at The Bike Factory in Chester. It’s collect in store only. Note though, that despite r maybe because of its very good specs the batteries are very expensive.

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Raleigh Velo Cite – the one for me?

raleigh velo citeAnyone who has followed my posts will be aware of more than a whiff of prevarication in my personal choice. In the last week I had ‘definitely’ narrowed it down to a choice between two bikes. Now I am ‘certain’ to go for a third, this Raleigh Velo Cite which I hadn’t come across until this week. Down the road in Chester at the Bike Factory, it costs £1200. I like the hub gears, seven speed. I like the weight. I like the look of it. I like the 36volt 11.6 Ah battery. Not least I like the fact that I can go and sit on one, and have the security of the dealer’s being close to hand.

Of course, in a few days I will probably have changed my mind. That Woosh Sirocco crank drive added to my ‘shortlist’ looks enticing. Short list? Look out for the short short list…. Or to hear I am breaking in a new Raleigh. It has a maximum rider load of 120 Kg which is great for heavier riders. The bike also has a two years warranty which includes the battery:

Motor: 250W Raleigh Pedelec
Battery: 10Ah 36V Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Gears: 7-speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
Shifter: Shimano Twist Shifter
Brakes: V-brakes – Front and Rear
Lights: –
Wheels: 28″ / 700C
Tyres: Puncture Resistant
Forks: Suntour CRV-8 Suspension Forks
Mudgaurds: Full front and rear
Rear Rack: Yes
Pedals: Aluminium
Saddle: Comfort
Seatpost: Alloy
Handlebar: Fully Adjustable Ergonomic
Stand: Side Stand
Lock: –
Cycle Computer: Yes
Modes: High, Medium, Low
Range: 20 – 40miles depending on mode, terrain and rider input
Weight: Only 22kg (49lbs) Including Battery
Size: 50cm (20″)
Max. Rider Weight: 120kg (265lbs / 18s12)
Warranty: Two Years [Bike and Battery]

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Great Review for Juicy

A very positive review. Juicy have a an excellent reputation for service, and the consenus seems to be that their bikes are very good value. No wonder they thwart my current choice between Giant and Batribike”


Hot Deal Indeed! Giant Escape Hybrid 1 at huge discount

2013_GIANT_ESCAPE_HYBRID_1At £1280, from AllTerrain Cycles, this is surely a bargain. Generally, you don’t find new Giant models discounted. At this price, it’s well cheaper than the Hybrid 2 which has lower specs. Delivery charge of £18 applies.

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Strange that after all my research I’d missed Picton Cycles up the road from me selling the Dawes Boost Suburbia (see shortlists). Their price of £849 and their local reputation make this an attractive option. Would be great to get a reliable bike backed with good service at that price.  Not a very exciting machine perhaps but who needs excitement with creaky knees!

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Cheap 3E Urban (2011)

Smart E Bikes have a great offer on the 3E Urban, 2011 model which still carries a two year battery warranty. £749

3E Electric Urban 2011 Electric bike Specification
Range 60 miles with standard battery
100 miles with optional Mega battery
Motor Bafung 250 Watt rear wheel drive
Style Step Over frame
Gears 7 speed Shimano
Battery 36V 10Ah/ Optional 36V 18Ah
Wheels 26 inch
Saddle height 35 to 39 inches
Weight (including battery)22 kg
Battery Warranty 2 years
Assistance modes One level of assist
Throttle Yes
Controls LED battery indicator
Frame Aluminium alloy
Colour Satin Grey
Forks Suspension
Seat Post Suspension
Handlebar Stem Quill Adjustable
Brakes V-brakes
Tyres 26 inch Kenda
OPTIONS 18Ah battery, Pannier bags and boxes

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Cycling Made Easy

No apologies for putting up promo material for a company, here a video introduced by Cycling made Easy founder Ray Wookey. As this site develops, I am sure that many companies’ promotional stuff will be featured: after all, I am using the blog to collate for personal use as much information as I can. In olden days if, say, I was looking for a car or a bike I’d be sending off for catalogues etc. It’s a secondary purpose of this blog to bring information to others, although I’d be delighted to think it helps someone by bringing a lot of stuff together and saving them time.

There is another reason for posting this video. Electric bikes are a relatively new feature of UK transport in a raapidly developing market. One thing I have noticed is that many of the companies I have looked at are founded and staffed by genuine enthusiasts who offer a great personal service.A company like Giant whose bikes I admire and whose ebikes I am considering in my purchase goal seem almost arrogant in their publicity, providing minimal information of their own products and a sleek but cold interface with potential customers; of course, I have no doubt that the actual dealerships are excellent, and because Giant are so big one can have trust in their reputation, but for a novice layperson like myself, you cannot beat the effort that smaller retailers and companies have put in to make themselves friendly and approachable at a distance (i.e. on the internet).

Any way, as a bonus, Cycling Made Easy featured here introduces me to other manufacturers such as Eco bikes which I will feature shortly. Their site, by the way,  is eclectic and non-partisan and gives overviews of a very wide range of ebikes,

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Good looking deal from local stockist

Just noticed Off the Rock Cycles in Wirral are doing both the Claud Butler Glide 2 and Glide 2 Sport for £999.

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