Juicy Sport

I originally wrote:

This is a budget model, lessthan £1000 and £200 more for a 16Ah battery. Reviews of the bike are very much on the positive side overall, and the network of dealers is large. Customer service seems excellent. What I haven’t found yet, and this is a frustration with so many bikes’ technical specifications, is maximum riser weight and height. Certainly though, this is a bike to keep in minds.

Since then, Bob Wales of Juicybike has been in touch to say that the maximum  rider load is 125 Kg. Bob adds:

We are about an hour from you, but once with us you can see and try our full range of bikes, and see the whole of our options for handlebars, seats, suspension forks, brakes and batteries.

There are good hills nearby and you would be very welcome to take an extended test ride and experience any of our bikes without any pressure or browbeating.

The Sport you show on your website is actually quite an old model and the latest are well worth seeing up close.

You may also like to know that from next year Edinburgh Cycles have asked to stock our bikes which, of course, we are delighted to do. One of the very best chain of cycle shops I have come across. They have tried to destroy our bikes on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh during an extensive trial and are satisfied they are up to the job.

Since our participation at the NEC Cycle Show recently we have also increased our number of dealers, who will soon appear listed on our website.

Juicybike at New Mills also have ex-demo models for sale, for instance, standard Sport 2012, 10AH is priced at £789 , and all bikes come with fresh batteries. To my shortlist with Juicy!

As you can see, the 2012 Sport model comes with options:

Good owner reviews on Pedelecs. Full review at Electric bike magazine.


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