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A Long Way to Go

I am hoping that savings and job continuity enable me to purchase an e-bike in March 2013. I have a lot of research to do, and while this is mainly searching the internet, I shall soon be visiting nearby dealers to view bikes and perhaps get a test ride.

When I have gathered enough information and seen enough reviews about each bike I am interested in, I shall give each one points for various attributes. The price is already pre-determined at between £1000 and £1600 although I will go a bit higher for the right bike (or lower to £659 for the Powacycle Salisbury if that is all my budget stretches to). Among the factors I shall consider are:

Reputation of manufacturer and dealer

User reviews

Expert independent ratings

Drive system

Quality of bike without motor, battery etc.

Battery, ideally something like 36 V, 15Ah

Cost of battery

Availability of spares

‘Payload’ capability (my weight!) and rider height

I have to say that even if I end up not buying an e-bike, for the first time in my life I haveunderstood the power of ‘window shopping”! So much so that I am expanding my interest to sustainable transport generally and the possibilities of workplaces, local councils and government facilitating awareness of e-bikes, financial incentives and other moves to bring the UK towards the position in some other European countries and different parts of the world.

I’ve been looking at Fair Isle style jumpers this morning and think the actual look of my bike will be on a par. I must resist the temptation to be attracted to the ‘boy racer’ looking designs. Essentially I am after a conventional looking bicycle fitting to a gentleman who wears Fair Isle jumpers and cardigans

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