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Growing Shortlist

I’ve divided my ‘shortlist’ into two: bikes over and under £1000. The list is growing, by no means complete. I am very grateful for feedback from dealers and companies. I keep coming across new bikes for consideration such as the mysterious Momentum brand: only two sleek, very simple, light models and not even sure if they are available yet so will be contacting the company.

Implicitly, I am keeping a third ‘shortlist’ which is those bikes which are available to me at dealers near to Liverpool. I have included here Juicy and anything sold by the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative (including Wisper) in Manchester: both of these are easily reached by short train journeys.

I’d emphaasise aadvice which I have seen many times – that there is no ‘perfect’ bike but one which best satisfies and individeal’s requirements (backed by general standards of quality, reputation and customer care).

Eventually, I hope to make a table which shows comparison of many key features between bikes.


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Thoughts so far

Batribike Granite, available as an XL model for taller riders

I have looked at many bikes via the internet now. Giant are probably the best for reliability, build of bike, reputation and good dealership back-up in my locality. They are on the expensive side, and not that it should matter, dare I say a little bit boring to ride going by user replies. All this means is that you don’t get feeling of power some other bikes advertise. Rationally, this is a very good thing: they do the job they are designed to do without fuss or showy design.

Some other bikes that do well in reviews and tests such as Freego, Juicy, Oxygen may not have the strength for taller and heavier riders. Without visiting a dealer to see if a bike fits, it is very risky to order one through the internet. Plus of course, a local dealer is there for servicing and back-up. On the latter point, Giant and Batribike seem the best bets for a Liverpudlian. The latter is much cheaper than the Giant but seems well thought of – and it carries a big load easily, and has a good mileage range.

See details of the bikes I have looked at under the main BIKES page.

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Cycling Made Easy

A friendly guide from a retailer, with satisfied customer reviews. Cycling mMade Easy sell a good range of bikes with full warranties. Many of the bikes are discussed or will be on this site, including FreeGo, Tonaro  and Kudos. As the firm seem so solid and reliable I shall definitely be looking at their whole range.

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